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Sacrificial Goddess

Mixed Media, 18x18x44cm


This is not a sculpture. This is a living ancient goddess captured in window putty, salt dough and paint! Why not sacrifice something in her basket? If she likes your gift, your wishes will come true. Guaranteed! As long as you believe, that is.

This mystical realist object is handed over personally to a potential new owner. Afterall, a living goddess lives in it, so it is very important that it finds the right home. If the goddess disapproves of the move, the sculpture cracks and severe misfortune awaits all involved.

PS. Do you want to boost the magical properties of the goddess? Light a stick of incense in the serpent's jaw!

Dreaming Mushroom

Mixed Media, 13x13x30cm


Do you want to be initiated into the Mystery of the Mushroom, without caps and stems slipping into your abdomen in potentially illegal ways?


Place this slumbering Mushroom God in your bedroom!


When you sleep, it awakens in your dreams. Meet it there and it will reveal the deepest secrets of the universe to you. This is absolutely guaranteed! As long as you believe, of course.


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