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Who is the Mystical Realist?

Stefan Nyman is a mystical realist, mainly active as a painter. Multi-talented, he is also known for being a published author and a competent amateur musician/composer.

Professionally, he is currently active as a freelance writer/content creator based in Stockholm, Sweden. Still, he often spends large parts of the year in Finland, his native country, preferable in solitude, picking mushrooms, feeding the cat and meditating.


What the #¤%#& is Mystical Realism?

Since Stefan Nyman might be defined as an artist, the term Mystical Realism can easily be confused with the art style Magical Realism, which is sometimes called Mystical Realism. However, in this case, the two are not the same.

Stefan’s Mystical Realism is not just an other -ism of art, but a way of both experiencing and conveying reality beyond the conceptual. It is consciousness itself, freed from the human illusion of language confused with reality. When a liberated state, transcending the definitions of the mind, gives birth to apparent artworks, these artworks also fall under the category of “Mystical Realism", regardless of their appearance.

The mystical realist is aware that this may seem silly. Great! The mystical realist is also aware that anyone who has truly seen the world and themselves for what they really are, can no longer take neither the world or their selves seriously, at least not in any conventional sense.