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Commission a painting

Fancy an impressive portrait of a loved one? Maybe even yourself? Want to capture a meaningful event or place in traditional media, like oil paint or egg tempera? Commission a painting, and become the owner of your own Mystical Realist masterpiece!

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Commission a painting – why should I?


In an era flooded with images, a traditional oil painting might seem outdated. A constant flow of pixels has transformed the traditional role of the image as an object of contemplation. As a result, most 'art' on our walls tend to be decorative background objects, mere fitting parts of the total interior design. Still, in most homes and buildings, there is room for at least one special spot, where the eye and the mind can pause in its restless wandering from distraction to distraction.


Because of this, the choice to commission a painting may, in fact, have much more impact today than ever before. Compared to 10 000 selfies on the hard-drive of a smartphone, or ethereally floating around in a digital cloud, one single portrait in oil has the capacity to capture an essence billions of pixels will never convey. Plus, the face to face meeting with the physicality of a painting, makes the subject seem personally real in an entirely different way.


Commission a painting online


Since the renaissance, the western idea of an image has been that of a 'window into another world'. In the meantime, the eastern parts of Christendom viewed their icons as a true encounter with a living being, presenting the person as they are not in space and time, but in the eternal now. Both of these are very different from our modern way of relating to images, as an ever changing flow of pixels. In the midst of this, a painting with true life, not mere decorative abstractions, forces the viewer to halt and react.


Still, the modern age comes with its benefits. One of these is the opportunity to commission a painting online. Instead of having to meet up with an artist, and even sit for hours, one can contact a painter online and place an order. Mystical Realist commissions has the added benefit of being truly flexible to meet your wishes. If needed, you may feel free to stay in touch during the painting's development, thus becoming part of the artistic process in an accommodating and undemanding way.

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Commission a portrait


The most common commissions for paintings are portraits. Traditional sittings, painting from life, are less common these days, except in some rare cases. Usually the commissioned portrait is based upon one or many photographs. Those who commission a portrait may want anything from a small and painterly rendering of the head, to a life size presentation of the person in detailed surroundings. If desired, they may also choose between having the portrait done in oils, acrylics or tempera.


Naturally, a portrait does not have to be of a human being. Those of us living with four-legged family members, know that our furry friends have just as much character and personality as human beings do (sometimes more). What better way is there to honor the love between you and your pet, than having a portrait made of your cuddly friend? Such a painting, well taken care of, will live for hundreds of years, preserving the memory of your friend for generations to come.

Commission a painting from a photo


There are many services on the internet, allowing you to commission a painting from a photo. Unfortunately, the processes tend to be uninspired copying in paint, inch by inch. Sure, you will get a real painting, but the result might not be more than a dead replica of a photograph, which was probably fine in its own right. In painting, lifelikeness – even realism – is not about painstakingly copying the subject, but a process of translation into the media of physical paint.


Painting from photographs is sometimes frowned upon by art snobs and wannabe connoisseurs. While painting from life is truly valuable for developing and maintaining an artistic eye, there is no real reason for this attitude. Astonishing masterpieces can be achieved based on photos, knowledge and imagination. Still, if you choose to commission a painting from a photo, you may want to remember the following: Send as many pictures as possible of your desired subject. Sometimes the least impressive ones may be the most valuable in the artistic process.

Fr. Thomas Keating.jpg
CG Jung.jpg
Self Portrait under a Flock of Jackdaws.
Praying Copt.jpg

Commission an oil painting of an important event


Want to capture an important event in your life? Perhaps a wedding? Some moments are worth preserving in ways more dignified than the click of a camera. Don't have a good photo of the occasion you want to immortalize? Don't be disgruntled. Send all the pictures and info you have of the relevant people, objects and surroundings. I will assemble the photographic material in an artistically pleasing way, capturing the essence of the event in paint.


Of course, the scene does not have to be based on reality. Sometimes you may want a painting depicting something you made up in your imagination, or something funny to give your friend as a gag. As mentioned, Mystical Realist commissions has the benefit of being truly flexible. Based upon your wishes and material, the end result will always be effective in conveying your ideas.


Commission an old master copy


Want to be the owner of your own Rembrandt? Do you look lustfully at that Vermeer in the museum, but lack the guts to carry out the art theft of the century? No worries. There is always the possibility to commission an old master copy. Mystical Realist originals may sometimes look expressionistic or experimental, but they are always based upon a solid knowledge of classical painting methods and techniques.

Dance in Arcadia.jpg
The Death of Holofernes.jpg
Killed by Death.png
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About the painting method


Note the following: The Mystical Realist oil painting method is based upon the materials and techniques used by early renaissance artists. No solvents or toxic additives are used. Instead the method relies purely on self-manufactured paint, made by mixing natural and earth-based pigments with organic linseed oil (sometimes hemp oil). The same pigments are used for the tempera paintings, but with yolk from free-range eggs as paint binder.


My main pigments (additional colors might be added, according to need):


  • Lamp black – basically soot

  • Yellow Ochre – naturally occuring clay earth

  • English Red – naturally occuring iron oxide (rust)

  • Calcium Carbonate – chalk

  • Titanium White – naturally occuring titanium oxide (used in toothpaste and tattoos) █



Acrylics, which is a relatively modern paint, is a somewhat different story. The paint binder is a synthetic resin, which is safe in itself (dentures are made from acrylic resin), but is basically a form of plastic. Beyond this, no other additives are used in the acrylic paintings. The main pigments mixed with the acrylic polymer emulsion are from the list above.

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